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Overview about already existing market information regarding your sector in the target countries

Completion of the already existing market information by our own research activities (interviews with importers, reporting of information from relevant sector associations and press releases

Evaluation, summary and translation of the found market information accordig to your individual requirements.

Preselection of 10-15 possible importers for your products

Phone contact with selected  foreign prospect and presentation of your product

Composing and translation of a sales letter which emphasises the advantages of your products in an attractive manner

Translation of your brochure in the language of your target country

Mailing to all contacted importers who have manifested an interest to receive more information regarding your products

After 1-2 weeks follow-up calls to check importerīs response regarding your product

Assistance during negotiations with interested importers (sample shipment, prices, terms of payment and delivery)

Final report (feed back and statements of contacted importers, response regarding your product)