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++ Why export consulting? ++


Globalization is surly one of the keywords of the new millenium. More and more medium sized and even small companies have to face the challenges of international competition and are forced to sell their product in Europe or worldwide in order to assure and stabilize their sales volumes. Un external export consultant may help you to support, complete and take some of the load off your existing export department. From our own professional background and from many talks with collegues and costumers we know that systematic identification and prospection of new export costumers is often negligected in the busy day-to-day activities. New export costumers are often found more or less by chance during trade fairs or via incoming enquiries. Thus international business development is one of the departments of a company which is particulary suitable for outsourcing. Export consultants with excellent research and communication skills may help you to promote your products and to open new distribution channels especially in those foreign markets where your company is yet not represented. In best case the only you have to do afterwards is to supply your new export customers.


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++ Which firms benefit most from export consulting? ++


Export consulting is especially recommended for small and medium sized companies whose international business und export department is still in the process of development. In this cases an external export consultant may be a budget affordable alternative or a sensible completion to costly participations on international trade fairs with often uncertain results and to the hiring of additional export staff. Export consulting services are able to support and complete in multiple ways the existing export sales activities of your company according to your individual requirements.


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++ Your advantages at HGS-Exportberatung? ++


We offer complete one-stop service. Market research, prospection of new export costumers and translations from and to several languages are in most cases done by ourselves.Thus we are the direct link between you and your new found export partners. This means quick and easy communication, flexibility and short decision making. Due to our small organisational structure we have cost advantages which we pass on to you.


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++ What do you get for your money? ++


Upon individual consultation you choose from our range of services those that are most suitable for your particular needs and budget. The modularity and cost transperency of our offer permits you complete risk control concerning your investment. Our range of services goes from simple importer lists of your target for your target countries and sectors up to the development of complex export market entry strategies for serveral regions.


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++ Is HGS-Exportberatung specialized in particular regions or industry sectors ? ++


Generally, we are able to offer you market information and importer lists for nearly all industrial sectors and countries. Most of our projects have been realized in the sectors of medical equipment, pharmacy supply and mail order shopping. For this areas we have at our disposition especially well structured and detailed information about markets and importers as well as excellent contacts to importers and manufactureres in many countries.


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++ Remuneration for services of HGS-Exportberatung? ++


Remuneration for services of HGS-Exportberatung is principally done on a fee basis. According to projects and expenditure our services are charged on a hourly or daily fee basis or we agree with you a flat fee for the whole project. Translations are calculated on a per word basis. Under the button "Our service packages" you find three different business proven service packages for export sales prospection at affordable flat fees. Please ask for our basic price list or for an individual offer according to your specific requirements.


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++ How do we come together? ++


Give us a call or use our contact sheet. We will discuss with you your export project und check up what we can do for you. In any case, this initial consultation is free of charge and without obligation.


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++ What do we need from you? ++


You know your products and your market better than we do. The more information we get from you regarding quality advantages of your products and distribution channels you already use in your existing markets, the more targeted and efficient will be our research work and the higher will be chances for selling successfully your products in new export markets.


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++ Is there a guarantee for success? ++


No. After having received by phone or e-mail all necessary details regarding your export project we will browse our available data sources and check up what we can do for you. We will give you as timely as possible our personal estimate regarding success prospects of your project. We only wil do the job if at least we can assure tha we will be able to find a sufficient number of importers in your target country and sector who might be interested in your products. But with this, we can't guarantee anyway that you actually will sell your products. Sales successes in foreign markets depend to some extend on factors like price, innovation level and quality of your products as well as on strength of competition and dealer mentalities, factors that are partly out of our influence. In our previous business experience we have initiated and successfully concluded a large number of export prospection projects, but just not all projects. There is a certain remaining investment risk that we don't want to conceil.


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++ Examples for market information, importers lists, sales letters and projects ++


Examples for market information, importers list, sales letters and projects are available on requirement. We will be pleased to send you more information so that you can get a first impression regarding the quality of our work.


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++ Does HGS-Exportberatung accept cooperations on an agency agreement basis? ++


Principally yes. As above mentioned the servicess of HGS-Exportberatung are usually remunerated on a fee basis. This is valid for services which are supposed to prepare later export sales activities (eg. market information supply, importer lists and profiles, translation of sales literature) as for active sales services (sales prospection by e-mail or phone, sales negotiations etc) provided by us. In case of renumeration of this services on a fee basis all new export costumers generated by our export sales promotion activities are yours whithout obligation to pay us any further comission.

Nevertheless, if you should require that HGS-Eportberatung continues to take care of your new found export customers over a longer period we can sign an agency agreement acording to 87ff HGB (German Code of Commerce)  In this case it will be possible to clear your already done payments for our active sales services with our due comissions from repeat business with the new  export costumers. Please understand that our services which prepare later export sales activities can be only renumerated on a fee basis.


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