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++ Coaching ++


Individual coaching of your export staff:

Sourcing of information for export market research, strategies for market entry and contacting foreign prospects, strategies for negotiations with importers


++ Seminars and inhouse trainings ++



Systematic opening of new export markets


How do you get quickly usefull market informations at low costs?

Overview regarding information procurement from free and purchasable sources

How do you get contact data and profiles from possible importers for your products?

Strategies for export marketing: advantages and disadvantages of contacting importers by e-mail, phone, fax or mail.

How to optimize your sales letter mailing and attract the attention of new costumers.

Chances and limits of e-marketing

Dates on requirement


++ Business language courses ++


Business language courses in German, Spanish, French and Portuguese

Business phrases and vocabulary for most common business situations (enquieries from costumers, phone, negotiations, small talk)

Elementary and advanced courses according to individual knwoledge and needs of participants, one to one lessons or group lessons